Yonex, Li-Ning, Victor: Badminton Rackets Technology

Yonex, Li-Ning, Victor: Badminton Rackets Technology

Did you know that close to 30 million people play badminton in India? Did you know the majority of badminton product manufacturers happen in Asia, and the countries leading in racket production are China and Japan?

The most expensive rackets are manufactured for professional players based on their specifications like weight, grip size, and balance. Here are some of the newest and costliest rackets from the main manufacturers like Yonex, Li-Ning & Victor:

  • Yonex ASTROX Series

For advanced players looking for immediate access to power to maintain a relentless attack. The Astrox series first launched in 2017 with Astrox 77 followed by 88D (Defence), 88S (Skill) suitable for doubles, and 99 for singles. The Astrox 100 ZX & ZZ are the recent addition to the Astrox family. Designed with a slimmer shaft and an advanced Rotational Generator System. Weighing between 80-85 grams and MRP Rs. 17,990/-.

  • Yonex NANOFLARE Series

A lightweight derivative of the NANOFLARE 800 is for advanced players looking to control the court with accelerated maneuverability from a headlight racquet. The NANOFLARE launched in 2019 as a replacement to the famous NANORAY line. This new technology uses the SONICFLARE system, combined with a brand new carbon-fiber, and high modulus graphite frame designed to take your game to the next level. MRP Rs. 17,990/-

  • Li-Ning TECTONIC Series

Li-Ning has always been a technology-driven company, their technology is visible on their rackets. TECTONIC the new 'Thunderbolt Cloud' technology and T1100G high modulus carbon fiber. Has a unique flexible frame structure at 5' and 7 O'clock positions that double's acceleration. Tectonic has 4 variants: 7, 7C - Combat, 7D - Drive & 7I - Instinct, weighing between 79-85 grams. Launched towards the end of 2019, suited for single and doubles play. MRP Rs. 22,990/-.

  • Li-Ning AERONAUT Series

AERONAUT technology has unique air-stream channels integrated into the head of the racket. Launched in 2017, the Aeronaut air-stream channels help reduce air resistance and generates a higher swing speed. With less drag, a player will have better control over his or her shot and maximum satisfaction of playing his or her natural game. Aeronaut has 9000 series, 7000 series, 5000 series & 4000 series. Weight 79-89 grams, MRP ranged between Rs. 14,990 - 24,990/-

  • Victor THRUSTER Series

THRUSTER is a flagship product of Victor badminton. Designed to give maximum speed and accuracy, suitable for players who have a deceptive game. Unlike other head-heavy rackets that are difficult to manoeuver, this racket is made for rallies. Victor has made this racket more durable by enhancing its structural strength. Victor first realized Thruster K Falcon in 2017 and added Thruster KF-Claw in 2020. Weight 83-85 grams, MRP Rs. 16,900/-.

  • Victor BRAVESWORD 12

Speed is the characteristic of this racquet. Launched in 2010, Bravesword is one of the most popular series from Vitor. This racket frame has a special diamond shape design that helps with wielding it through the air effortlessly like a sword. Faster swing speed enables you to hit the shuttlecock with immense power. Weight 83-85 grams, MRP Rs. 14,900/-.

The above-mentioned rackets are some of the recent additions from Yonex, Li-Ning, and Vitor. Ideal for intermediate, advanced, and professional level players. Most series also have lower-end versions that are suitable for beginners. When buying a racket for yourself, always visit the closest badminton store to know the best price, latest imports and to try them physically.