What is so special about Chinese badminton?

What is so special about Chinese badminton?

On Sunday the 3rd of October 2021 scripted history when the Chinese won the BWF Sudirman Cup for a record 12th time.

Ever since the beginning of this millennium, Chinese have stamped their authority on badminton. Dominating the sport in all categories and in all major tournaments. Their success in badminton is unparalleled. No one can question that.

Be it the Olympics, Asian Games, or any other BWF championship, the Chinese have been exceptional. With 10 Thomas Cups, 14 Uber Cups, and 12 Sudirman Cups, it proves that the Chinese have a very stronghold on the sport.

Having seen their performance since the last few decades, one can easily understand that when the Chinese compete, they mean business.

What makes them so special and intimidating?

The China Badminton Association has been very tight-lipped and strict about its training techniques and player programs. It is rumored that China has over 4000 government-run sporting schools all over the country. The national training center in Beijing has a very typical and complex selection process, what everyone is curious about is what goes on inside this training center. No outsider is allowed to enter this facility, so it is impossible to get any first-hand information on the training programs.

When it comes to training, it is said that the Chinese follow a military level of behavior with the athletes. All the players need to work for more than 10 hours a day with special qualities necessary for high-level performances. Many countries are envious of their success and still figuring out what makes the Chinese so special consistently.

Yes, it is natural for anyone to understand that their training is grueling, they have developed their own programs that integrate research and practical application, like any other country. But what sets the Chinese apart is the young talent that is willing to make the sacrifices necessary to become champions. Unrelenting attitude, competitive behavior, and willingness to put the country over self.

It’s well-known that the Chinese coaches are not only masters in setting unique training schedules and executing them impeccably, but they are also smart enough to identify real talent and groom it to perfection.

For the Chinese, competitive sport means going to war without gunfire. They not only believe this themselves, but they are also getting the world to think alike.