Shocker!!! 21 year old Malaysian Retires from Badminton

Shocker!!! 21 year old Malaysian Retires from Badminton

Injuries and surgeries are part of any sport. It is unfortunate to see players quitting as they are unable to bounce back.

In a similar case, Malaysia’s Goh Jin Wei called it a day as she was not able to recover from a surgery that she went through in 2019.

Goh Jin Wei, a women's singles player, won the badminton junior world championship twice and was tipped to the next big name in Malaysian women’s singles. Jin Wei was also named in the Badminton Association of Malaysia Sudirman & Uber Cup squad.

But destiny was not on her side, in October 2019 Jin Wei got her colectomy surgery done, a procedure to remove all or part of the colon, and ever since she has not been able to recover fully and needs medical guidance on a daily basis.

Jin Wei was quoted saying “Since my surgery in 2019, I have always needed a lot of medications daily, and the doses have been getting stronger and stronger. So for the sake of health, I have decided to end my career now. There’s a lot of regrets, but it’s still a long road ahead. I believe if I stay positive and work hard, there’ll be a chance again in the future. I want to sincerely thank the Penang Badminton Association and the Badminton Association of Malaysia for allowing me to represent the country.

Goh Jin Wei has been playing for Malaysia since she was 14 years old and upon receiving her resignation, Kenny Goh, secretary, BAM, said,“Yes, Jin Wei has submitted her resignation request, but we’re putting it on hold because we want her to play in the upcoming tournament.”

If the 21-year-old decides to play the upcoming tournament (Thomas & Uber Cup), this might just be her last tournament.