Nutrition In Sports

Nutrition In Sports

Nutrition plays the most significant role in maintaining the health of any human being. Nutrition is not a concept for elite athletes who are perfectly built for the highest level of the sport. We are also talking about those individuals who want to feel energetic while doing their day-to-day work. A healthy diet can support good growth in kids, benefits pregnancy in women, and helps reduce chronic diseases in older adults.

As G.K. Chesterton said,"Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are".

Sports Nutrition
It is a broad concept that emphasizes the science of the application of proper nutrition during exercise. Even at the most grass-root level, the right nutrition is important for athletes because it provides the right amount of energy to perform their daily activities.
We believe in the three principles of sports nutrition, stay hydrated, provide fuel for your muscles and promote optimal recovery after exercise.
Always keep in mind it's not only about knowing the right food to eat, it's also about timing it properly to obtain optimal performance. Any slight increase or decrease in the weight of a player results in a change in energy levels during a match.

Why is sports nutrition important?

Like this Arabian proverb, ”He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.”

Before taking up any task or setting a routine, everyone wants to know what benefit it gives us. In this case, eating right provides the energy you need to train harder, or finish a race, or just enjoy a casual activity. Not eating right will most likely lead you to be tired or perform poorly during a game.
Proper nutrition not only provides your physical benefit but also a lot of mental benefits like enhancing concentration and helps develop a positive mindset.

What to eat?
A basic nutritional plan provides the body with enough energy for optimal and balanced performance, comprising of all three necessary components like carbohydrates, proteins, and fat.
The composition of Our Diet should comprise mostly carbohydrates, about 60% of total energy, about 15% protein, and the remainder as fat.
Some food products that provide the required nutrients to your body:
Bananas: A banana contains glucose, sucrose, and fructose along with potassium that helps with proper muscle functioning.
Dark chocolate: it contains full of calories and gives a high boost of energy, it increases blood dilation due to the presence of epicatechin.
Brown rice: brown rice contains copper, vitamin B3, manganese, magnesium, selenium which enhance heart function metabolism; it also increases stamina and improves breathing.
Almond: almonds are rich in healthy fats which help in increasing the endurance of a person.
Milk: dairy milk is a high source of absorbable calcium; it helps to keep the bone and teeth healthier.

Nutrients for athletes became popular in the last 15 years. It is specifically defined as eating distinctive foods before, during, and after training. Balancing food and drink is important for everyone making decisions with your nutrition and hydration can result in improved performance, prevents injuries, allows you to build muscle strength, lean mass. A good nutrition plan can propel your game to the next level.