Match-Fixing and Betting in Badminton?

Match-Fixing and Betting in Badminton?

Badminton World Federation (BWF), the apex badminton governing body, last week announced that two Chinese players have been found guilty for match-fixing and have been banned from the sport for two years.

Regional players Zhu Jun hao and Zhang Bin Rong have been banned from all activities relating to badminton till August 2023.

In 2019, Zhu Jun Hao fixed the outcome of a mixed doubles match. The investigation found that Zhu lost the first game purposefully and won the match in the long run. The further probe found that he was also involved in betting on other matches at the Orleans Masters. Zhu also gave inside information about the involvement of an unauthorized person.

The other player held for match-fixing is Zhang Bin Rong. Zhang was found to have made 36 bets between 13th-19th March 2019, at the China Masters, the Swiss Open, and the Orleans Masters.

These players have violated rules in the sport that ban players from placing illegal bets and fixing matches. Both the regional players chose not to appeal against the ban.

The Chinese Badminton Association said they fully support this decision of the Badminton World Federation and immediately impose corresponding punishment on the two players involved.

The CBA further said, “To create an open, fair and just game environment and maintain the healthy development of the sport, the National Badminton Association will further strengthen the management and supervision of the style and discipline of the game, strengthen the education and management of athletes, and resolutely put an end to match-fixing, illegal betting and game manipulation.”