Badminton Shoes

Badminton Shoes

How different are badminton shoes ?

Badminton is considered the fastest racquet sport in the world and to play a sport like this the players are required to move swiftly across the court, this means a great focus should be on the kind of shoes a badminton player wears.

Whether a professional or not, every person who plays the sport wants to enjoy what it has to offer, nobody wants to get injured because of the non-supportive shoes they are wearing.

As this a fast-paced game, the thick rubber sole of the running shoes will not allow the player to accelerate quickly. This is where the badminton shoes are different from normal shoes because of their thin soles that make your feet feel closer to the ground, offering better stability, speed, and flexibility.

As a badminton player one should look at two parameters for selecting the shoes, it should maximize your performance during a game and it should prevent you from getting injured.

What should we check when we are buying a badminton shoe?

  • Comfort: Before buying any shoes always check for comfort. When you feel good, you play good.
  • Grip: The grip very significant aspect when picking a badminton shoe, because of the high-paced lateral and diagonal movement there is a lot of scope of slipping/sliding when there is less traction in the sole. If you do not have a proper grip, you cannot move properly and end up playing the wrong shots.
  • Cushion: badminton includes a lot of jumps and explosive movements which puts a lot of pressure on the legs, so you should always have a shoe with proper cushioning to prevent you from getting injured. Cushioning acts as a shock observer and reduces the load on the legs.
  • Weight: an important feature for badminton shoes as it might just define your playing style. A lightweight show can create a lot of fast movements during the match.

Selecting the right kind of shoe is as important as selecting the right kind of racquet you want to play with, so choose yours wisely. Badminton includes a lot of twisting and turning and can be very demanding on the knee and ankle joints. To reduce the risk of injury it is important to wear a pair of shoes with better cushioning and support for the ankle. The power cushion, ergo shaped and double russel mesh designed shoes are extremely helpful for badminton players to play to their full potential.