Anders Antonsen: “There is only fierce competition between us”

Anders Antonsen: “There is only fierce competition between us”

Viktor Axelsen, the world no.2 and the reigning Olympic champion, shifting his base from Denmark to Dubai has drawn not so quite positive reactions from the Danish team. The latest to join the list is Anton Andersen.

The current world no. 3, unlike his compatriot, is also quite active on social media, especially on Instagram. One can see him posting VLOGs very frequently about a training session or the ongoing preparation or life in general. Antonsen is vocal about most of the matters.

After officially announcing that Viktor will be parting ways with the national team. He has been seen training in Dubai’s Nad Al Sheba Sports over the past month. This decision of Viktor’s has been criticised and called selfish by the Danish media. Viktor made his decision to keep his asthma issue, Dubai’s climate is better suitable for his health condition, and he can invite players around the world to spar with him. This was not the case with his national team as Viktor was only allowed to train with his fellow countrymen.

Speaking to Hans-Kristian Vittinghus a few days back for one of his VLOG’s, Anders Antonsen shared his views on this issue.

Antonsen said, “The amount of intensity and focus Viktor brings to training is remarkable. No one else can bring that level, and now that he is left, it is not good for us. We have benefited from him, and he is Irreplaceable”.

Viktor was Antonsen’s sparring partner during their practice sessions. Hans also asked about the love-hate relationship between the two and why Viktor was never part of his VLOGs, for which Antonsen responded, “Viktor likes to spend time mostly by himself, and during our national tours he chooses to stay separate from the group. I don’t know why’’.

Antonsen also added that Viktor was not very specific about featuring in his practice and exercises videos. Probably because Viktor did not want his opponents to know about his routine”.

Antonsen made it clear that he does not hate Viktor, and there is only fierce competition between them.